Win & retain more with buyer feedback

You invest millions in sales, marketing, and customer success, yet rely on a CRM drop-down menu to analyse why you win or lose customers.FRANQ helps you understand the real reasons why you win or lose prospects and customers through win/loss analysis, so you can win and retain more.

Why do you win or lose?

Win and retention rates are lower than ever, every pipeline opportunity and customer counts.Understanding why you win or lose prospects and customers can be difficult.Data in your CRM is limited, and typically incorrect and biased.As a result it's difficult to learn from your wins and losses.And identify improvements for your GTM, customer success and product strategy.


  • Reasons why you're winning and losing versus alternatives

  • Buyers' views on strengths and weaknesses

Product & Pricing

  • Understand key functionality that is missing

  • Perception on price versus value

People & Process

  • Decision making team, process and criteria

  • Feedback on Sales, CS and Support team effectiveness

Company-wide buyer insights

Sales Leaders

Understand key reasons for wins/losses, buying criteria and competition to improve processes, people, and win rates.

CSM & AM Leaders

Understand key reasons for churn/renewals to further develop processes, people and improve retention.

Product Leaders

Understand crucial missing functionality, buyer criteria, low and high value functionality and prioritise roadmap.

Marketing Leaders

Understand trends in buyer needs, competition and buying process to improve positioning, content and conversions.

How we help

Customized program

Each organisation faces it's own challenges when winning and retaining customers. We will tailor a win/loss program to your specific blind spots, providing the insights you need to enhance company strategy and improve win and retention rates

Obtain buyer insights

Based on your desired goals and insights we will directly reach out to buyers to set up interviews and get key decision drivers to (not) buy or renew. Transcripts, recordings and summaries are shared instantly with anyone you'd like within your organisation.

Analyze findings

While insights from individual deals are valuable, additional worth lies in analysing trends across multiple buyer interviews. Franq will give you the key reasons why you're (not) winning or retaining in prospects and customers. We will also break it down per region, segment and industry if applicable.

Curious about the type of insights you can get?

About Franq

Founded by an experienced Chief Revenue Officer, Franq empowers businesses by revealing buyer feedback on won or lost prospects and customers.While working for a company facing increasing pressure on win and retention rates, our founder witnessed the transformative potential of a data-driven approach to understand buyer feedback.The insights gained from implementing a win/loss program resonated across all company levels. Motivated by this experience our founder established Franq.We pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions, leveraging buyer feedback and data analysis to offer actionable insights for our customers. Join forces with Franq and unlock the power of buyer feedback so you can win and retain more.

Will win/loss analysis work for you?

Even a slight improvement in win and retention rates will yield substantial impact on a company's overall performance.

In an initial conversation, we'll assess your situation and current understanding of your wins, losses and churns. We'll discuss expected insights for your specific situation and determine if a further conversation is valuable.

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